Welding Engineer|地拓集团


职位名称: Welding Engineer
招聘单位: Deetop Heavy Industry
所属部门: Technology Dept
需要人数: 1

Skill Requirements:
1.Be familiar with welding technology and able to finish WPQ instructor independently.
2.Be familiar with Chinese welding process standard (steel structure, pressure vessel and pipeline), AWSD1.1, DIN18800 and JIS welding standard.
3.Taking charge of welder training and regular examination, effectively manage the inner-enterprise welding documents and welder certificate work.
4.Prior to the person holding international welder certificate and be able to communicate technology in English.
Other requirements:
Male, elder than 30 years old
Can operate official software independently and having strong writing ability. Be rigorous, serious and enthusiastic about work and brave in receiving challenging work.
Salary and welfare:
Salary can be discussed in person, having five insurances and housing fund, weekends rest, as for the staff whose home in not local, the company will provide accommodation and working place is in Dalian Pulandian.


Education background and experience: bachelor or above, welding, material molding and relevant major, having more than 6 years working experience on welding engineer.

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