Chief Technology Officer for Mineral Engineering Technology|地拓集团


职位名称: Technology Director
招聘单位: Deetop Heavy Industry
所属部门: Ministry of Mines
需要人数: 1

Skill requirements:
1.Familiar with mineral processing, having abundant working experience on tailing disposal.
2.Having intensive study on high rate thickener, paste thickener and other tailing disposal equipment and achieved some technology achievement.
3.Familiar with solid-liquid separation system project, strong learning ability, able to guide the technology team to carry out research, development and design work.
Other requirements:
Can operate official software independently and having strong writing ability. Be rigorous, serious and enthusiastic about work and brave in receiving challenging work.
Salary and welfare:
Salary can be discussed in person, having five insurances and housing fund, paid leave, weekends rest, as for the staff whose home in not local, the company will provide accommodation and working place is in Dalian Pulandian.


 Bachelor degree or above, mineral processing or related major, with mine design institute or mining enterprises 6 or more work experience 王女士 0411-39157911